My name is Tommy Johnson Sr. & I own Advanced Wireless Technology here in Mooresville, N.C. which is called Race City USA because over 50 Nascar teams base out of this area. Many of them are customers of mine. But my background is in drag racing as my son, daughter and myself have all won National Events in Drag Racing.

I founded and owned a multi-million dollar international Mail Order race parts business for 25 years while raising my family, but I sold it so I could devote more time to building “wireless” electronic security products needed for enclosed trailers used by sportsmen racers and professional race teams in NHRA, IHRA, IRL, ARCA & Nascar, plus horse trailers, gun show trailers, contractor trailers and show car & hospitality trailers. If you have a special need “I can design & build it” for you. I am also the original designer and mass manufacturer of a wireless winch remote. I’ve sold over 5,000 wireless remotes the past ten years with only one legitimate warrantee. I use only high quality electronics from Italy, NOT cheap electronics from China. That’s WHY I have such a low warrantee rate.

I recently designed a “wireless” smoke alarm system for Penske Racing after they had devastating trailer fire from a simple wheel bearing going out which totally destroyed (TWO) million dollar (EACH) IRL race cars! Plus, another $600,000 worth of support equipment and spare parts in that burning trailer. The whole system is less than $1,200 which is very cheap considering it WILL catch the fire while it’s still in the smoldering stage and the truck driver can put it out. (Remember, there IS smoke BEFORE there is a fire). Every trailer needs one of these systems but you DON’T have to buy it all at once, as you can buy it in three stages. A security system, a GPS then the wireless smoke alarms. And, it will work with any old alarm system I’ve sold the past 4 years.

Take a look at all of my products on the website and give me a call. If you order a system I’ll give you my “personal” cell phone number (the same one my wife calls me on to bring home milk & bread), so if you have a question or problem about your product from me you CAN call me 12 hours a day 7 days a week & I’ll fix it over the phone. How is THAT for tech support?

Thanks and give me a call now to place your order.
Tommy Johnson Sr. owner & founder of Advanced Wireless Technolog

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