Penske IRL Trailer Burns To Ground!

About one fifth as many race car trailers burn up in transport, as get stolen!

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Penske Racing drivers Ryan Briscoe and Helio Castroneves had to resort to their oval-track chassis, adapted to road courses, on a weekend in Aug. ’08. The Team Penske transporter carrying the primary cars caught fire around 4:00 a.m and burned to the ground in Wyoming while in transit to the IRL race in Sonoma, Ca. A wheel bearing triggered the fire, which then became an inferno on I-80 about 60 miles west of Cheyenne, according to Tim Cindric, Pres. of Penske Performance in Mooresville, N.C

“It melted the ceiling and we lost both primary cars, all our pit equipment, all the team uniforms, the shock dyno and a lot of gearbox stuff,” said Cindric. There was also a fab shop in the trailer and it was gutted too. “My guess is a couple million bucks. It’s was a total disaster to Penske Racing.” Cindric said the two truck drivers tried to extinguish the blaze but couldn’t so they unhooked the tractor Cindric said the two truck drivers tried to extinguish the blaze and could only watch the $400,000 trailer & contents, PLUS the two million & a half dollar (each) IRL race cars burn up!

Advanced Wireless Technology in Mooresville, N.C. was asked by officials to design a “wireless” smoke alarm that would alert the truck driver of a potential fire problem back in the trailer while it could still be extinguished by the driver with simple fire extinguishers. A.W.T. NOW has a product that will save race teams millions of $.

Our “new one of a kind” high quality Italian electronics wireless smoke detector will detect smoke inside the trailer (there is smoke before there is fire) and set off our tried and proven race trailer alarm. The alarm will flash the tractor AND trailer clearance lights and sound a 128 d.b. loud and piercing siren. If the driver somehow doesn’t hear or see that it will then, when used with our new GPS, send the truck driver a text message telling him of the problem back in the trailer. It will ALSO send management back at the race shop an e-mail telling them of the problem, give them the EXACT address so they can call the local fire dept. and send them out to the trailer in case the truck driver has not already extinguished the trailer fire.

Our new “totally wireless” smoke detectors will prevent major damage & they only cost $275.00 each!

My smoke detectors are a low cost option for our alarm & GPS system to text & e-mail you an alert. But, IF you have a fire in your trailer they could be “priceless?

Totally Wireless Smoke Detector, Transmitter and Special Relay
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